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VSO Field Trip Chincoteague, 2007


Enjoy the report and pictures from the VSO field trip to Chincoteague on September 7-9.

The Hampton Roads Bird Club was well represented at the recent VSO field trip in Chincoteague by these 12 members: Lee and Meredith Bell, Harry Carlson, Tom and Gail Claydon, Ben and Mary Copeland, Nick Flanders, Richard Hudgins, Dot Silsby, and Hayes and Joyce Williams.

The "best bird" of the trip was a Franklin's Gull - a lifebird for many, including the two leaders, Bill Akers and Jerry Via.

On the biking field trip, led by Bill and Peggy Opengari, the Bells and Claydons were among those who got rare looks at SIX juvenile Clapper Rails that were out in the open during low tide. Check out Gail's photos below. We also saw juvenile Yellow and Black Night-crowned Herons by the Refuge Inn as we were starting out.

Many of us participated in the two-hour bus trip to Wash Flats and were rewarded with fantastic views of shorebirds and raptors. A pair of Peregrine Falcons flew above us for several minutes, and we watched a Northern Harrier on the ground as it pounced up and down on its prey. It was fun to watch the wild ponies, along with the ever-present Cattle Egret that often sat ON the ponies. On the way out we had clear views of six male Wild Turkeys.

Thanks to Harry Carlson, Dot Silsby, and Tom and Gail Claydon for contributing the photos!

To see the full album with all the photos from the trip, click here.


Dozens of Great Egrets
Short-billed Dowitchers
Clapper Rail (juv.) at low tide
Two other Clapper Rails
Little Blue Heron
Black Skimmers and Laughing Gull
Semi-palmated Plover
Tri-Colored Heron
Great Egret
Oyster Catchers
Cattle Egrets with Pony
Oops! Biking Birders, not birds


A view from the front of the bus
Club members pose by the bus
Leader Jerry Via scoping for birds
Harry, Richard, and Nick with friends

Jerry Via and HRBC friends

Mary and Nick checking out birds