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Hampton Roads Bird Club


Welcome to the Hampton Roads Bird Club website!

If you're interested in learning more about birding in the Hampton Roads area, you've come to the right place!

Whether you're an experienced birder or just enjoy watching the birds in your own backyard, we'd love to have you join the Hampton Road Bird Club!

Our monthly meetings and field trips provide wonderful learning opportunities and a chance to get to know some really great people!

This website introduces you to the Club and provides information about birding in our area.


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Club member John Adair took this photo of a Redhead near New Point Comfort when participating in the Mathews Christmas Bird Count with fellow HRBC members Lee and Meredith Bell, Dave Youker and Marilyn Adair..

Upcoming HRBC activities

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MEETINGS - Sandy Bottom Nature Park

Thursday, MAY 8, 2014

NOTE! 6:00-7:00 PM - Used Bird Books and Feeder/Poles Sale

7:00 PM - Business Meeting and Program: "Project Perry for Parrots" by Kristin Hicks - Get details.


Saturday, MAY 10, 2014 - 7:00 AM - Richmond's Belle Isle and James River Park System - Get details.

Sunday Walks in Newport News Park, 7:00 AM, 1st & 3rd Sunday every month, in the parking lot behind the Ranger Station. READ REPORTS from recent Sunday Walks!


Saturday, JUNE 14, 2014 - Newport News Park, Shelter #3 (same one as last year)

8:00 AM - Bird walk with Lee and Meredith Bell

12:30 PM - Picnic

Latest Project for HRBC: Installation of 2 Osprey Nest Boxes at Sandy Bottom

There are now 2 new spots for nesting Ospreys to select from when they return to our area in March, thanks to the team effort by the Hampton Roads Bird Club, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, and the Dominion Virginia Power.

Thanks to Dave Youker for making the initial arrangements and to John Adair and Virginia and George Boyles for working so hard on January 8 when the installation took place. The 3 of them captured the entire process in photos and you can view the pictures here.

Below is a photo of the final installation of Box 2.


Western Shore Marshes IBA: Grandview Beach

On 9 November, 17 people traveled to Grandview Beach to conduct a survey and clean-up of this southern most end of our Western Shore Marshes Important Bird Area. The group consisted of members from our club, Williamsburg Bird Club, master naturalists, and volunteers through the Hampton Clean City Commission which consisted mainly of Bay Days volunteers. The weather conditions were outstanding, and we tallied 40 different species for the day. After surveying for 2 hours, we began our litter removal and collected numerous bags of litter from the beach. At the end of the event, Will Moore from Bay Days provided coffee and donuts which was much appreciated by all.

Pictured below, Front row (left to right): Shirley Devan, Carla Weimer, Allison Weimer, Virginia Boyles, Jane Frigo. Second row: Joanne Ross, Bill Boeh, Anne Boeh, Cheryl Jacobson, Les Lawrence, Dave Youker. Photo taken by Tom Charlock.


Matteson Trail Clean-up

On April 15, 2013, several club members arrived at the beginning of the Matteson Trail for a clean-up event. We were met by long-time club member Tess Matteson for whom the trail is named. Under Tess’ guidance, we removed shrubs, weeds and small trees. We restored the area to its original, uncluttered condition, and the trailhead is once again an attractive entrance to the trail. This trail is a 3-mile loop around The Hamptons Golf course and is home to a nice variety of birds. The trailhead has a kiosk that depicts resident birds found on the trail and has a reference to the Hampton Roads Bird Club. Members present for the clean-up were Tess Matteson, Phyllis Roth, John Adair, and Dave Youker.

Pictured below, left to right: Phyllis Roth, Tess Matteson and John Adair.


Family Fun for the Birds Day at VLM

The Virginia Living Museum held a Family Fun for the Birds Day at their facility on April 6. Our club set up our display and provided information to the families in attendance. As always, these events are enjoyable and much appreciated by the hosts. Many families stopped to admire the professional display which was loaned by members Tom and Gail Claydon. Many thanks to the following club members who came out to work the display and talk to families: Jane Frigo, Phyllis Roth, Hilary Propst, and Dave Youker.

Pictured below: Jane Frigo talks with a mother and daughter.


Visitors to our Deer Run Bluebird Trail

Two members of the Cape Henry Audubon Society were taken on a tour of the Hampton Roads Bird Club bluebird trail at the Deer Run golf course. The Cape Henry members have been working with Dot Silsby to establish a small trail around an Ocean View golf course. Before expanding their trail, the members wanted to see how a larger trail is operated and maintained. The Cape Henry members were treated to a wonderful day of observing not only the bluebirds but also the many other species of birds and wildlife around the course. The two members left with all the information necessary to expand their existing trail.

Pictured below: Dot Silsby (center) with Cape Henry friends


Upcoming VSO Events - Get details HERE.

February 7-9, 2014 - Outer Banks, NC

June 6-8, 2014 - Front Royal, VA

Other news from the VSO: The Virginia Society of Ornithology's (VSO) Principles of Birding Ethics were adopted at the November 1, 2008 Board of Directors meeting. You can read the two-page Code of Birding Ethics HERE.

Creating a Backyard Habitat - Resources from Steve Living

Steve Living, our guest speaker in April 2010, gave a great presentation onf creating a habitat for wildlife in your yard. Here are the four resources he sent. All are PDF files you can download and print:

"Habitat at Home" (8-page booklet)

Native Perennials and Annuals

Native Trees and Shrubs

Native Plant Online Resources