Future Bird Counts

2022 Christmas Bird Count


Saturday, December 17, 2022.

2023 Spring Bird Count

Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Previous Bird Counts

HRBC 2022 Spring Bird Count


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2021 Audubon Christmas Bird Count


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Hampton Roads Bird Club Big Day of Birding

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Leader: Dave Youker

Set aside Saturday, October 9th for the Hampton Roads Bird Club Big Day of Birding.  This year it’s on the same day as Cornell’s Big Day, so you can participate in both at the same time.

Remember, the goal of our Big Day is to see how many different species we as a Club can find in Virginia on this particular day.  That means every species from House Sparrow to migrating warbler is important.  So bird your backyard, local park, favorite coffee shop or wherever you are in Virginia that day.  When you’re done birding for the day, simply send me a list of the different species you saw.

Last year as a Club we identified 138 different species on our fall Big Day.  This year we’re holding it a month earlier, so we’ll see if there is a difference in the number and variety of birds.  After consolidating the lists, I’ll provide an analysis to the Club

If you bird with others, please ensure you comply with current COVID precautions.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at youkerd@aol.com.


2021 Spring Big Day for Virginia Results

I believe I have all the checklists for those that participated in the May 15th Spring Big Day of birding.  It was a gorgeous day for being out birding.  We had 11 participants, and our total species count was 132.  No surprise, the most common birds found were Northern Mockingbird and Northern Cardinal...found by virtually everyone.  However, 40 species were found by only one person/team, and these species represented the full range of nocturnal birds, shorebirds, gulls, and passerines.


Hope all participants had fun, and look forward to our next birding adventure.


Dave Youker


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2020 Audubon Christmas Bird Count


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Fall 2020 "Virtual" Virginia Big Day Results

Leader: Dave Youker

The results are in for our first, virtual Big Day held on 7 Nov.  If you haven't submitted your list, you can still forward it to me.  I was impressed with the number of checklists, the diversity of species, and the resolve of some members to put in some long days birding.  Birds from backyards to seagoing to every habitat in between were identified.  Here are the results:

The weather for the Big Day was very pleasant, except many members had to contend with a heavy fog.  Still, we had an impressive total of 36 club members participate!  A total of 24 checklists were submitted, and the consolidated species list stands at 136!  If anyone is interested in the overall list, I'd be happy to forward it.


Thanks to all the members that participated in this club activity.  The feedback has been very positive, so maybe we can do it again next year.



Dave Youker



2020 HRBC Spring Bird Count Cancelled for COVID-19

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The efforts of 48 observers (the vast majority of which were HRBC members) resulted in the observation of 18,568 birds comprised of 123 species.