2021 Winter Bird Count in Newport News Park


Winter Count of Newport News Park

Saturday, 7-10 AM, January 30, 2021

Leader:Jane Frigo


The past year, 2020, has been a challenging one.  Let's hope we are able to return to some sort of normalcy in the new year.  The Hampton Roads Bird Club is going to continue the Newport News Park Winter Bird Count.  This year's count will be held on January 30, a Saturday.  The Saturday date is being chosen to encourage participation by those club members who are unable to attend the regular Sunday walks.  This count is like the Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC), where the numbers

 of individuals are recorded for each of the separate species observed.  Since Newport News Park does not fall into any of the Audubon CBC circles and HRBC regular bi-monthly walks only record the names of species observed (not counts of individuals), this activity can provide information about the health of populations.  


As in previous years. there will be 5 sectors, each with a leader who is responsible for keeping the count on ebird software.  The sectors are:


Section 1:  Campground


Section 2:  West of Constitution Way

(Ranger Station Lakeside)


Section 3:  East of Constitution Way

(Arboretum/Discovery Center)


Section 4:  White Oak Trail

(Swamp Bridge to Spawning Pond)


Section 5:  Golf Course/ Bluebird Trail

2020 Audubon Christmas Bird Count


Date: Saturday, Dec 19, 2020

Leader:  Bill Boeh

Results Pending







Fall 2020 "Virtual" Virginia Big Day

Leader: Dave Youker

The results are in for our first, virtual Big Day held on 7 Nov.  If you haven't submitted your list, you can still forward it to me.  I was impressed with the number of checklists, the diversity of species, and the resolve of some members to put in some long days birding.  Birds from backyards to seagoing to every habitat in between were identified.  Here are the results:

The weather for the Big Day was very pleasant, except many members had to contend with a heavy fog.  Still, we had an impressive total of 36 club members participate!  A total of 24 checklists were submitted, and the consolidated species list stands at 136!  If anyone is interested in the overall list, I'd be happy to forward it.


Thanks to all the members that participated in this club activity.  The feedback has been very positive, so maybe we can do it again next year.



Dave Youker
















2020 HRBC Spring Bird Count Cancelled for COVID-19

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Photography by Dianne Snyder

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The efforts of 48 observers (the vast majority of which were HRBC members) resulted in the observation of 18,568 birds comprised of 123 species.