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Birding Program Opportunities

I hope you all had a great holiday season! I am presenting more free birding 101 programs this coming year at Newport News Park. I already have the winter/spring dates set, and will publish fall dates later in the year. Please spread the word to anyone you know might be interested.


  • Sat March 23rd 2024

    • Birding 101

    • 9am - 10:30am

    • Who-cooks-for-you, allll? Jay-jay! Peter-peter, potato-chip, chick-a-dee-dee! What do these random phrases have in common? They are all common mnemonics for bird songs that bird watchers use to identify a bird! Join a park ranger to learn about what makes bird watchers so "coo-coo" for bird watching. We'll learn some beginner bird watching skills, and go over common local bird species to get you started (you probably already know them). Then, we'll practice bird watching together outside the Discovery Center using binoculars and a field guide. Be sure to bring your own binoculars and field guide if you already have them! This program is FREE and is recommended for ages 10+.


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Thank you for your time and attention.



Lauren Forero 

Senior Park Ranger


Park Ranger Division 

City of Newport News 

13560 Jefferson Avenue 

Newport News, VA 23601 

757-886-7912 (Park Office) | 757-591-4848 (Ranger Station)

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