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Blue Bird Nesting Box Trail

at Newport News City Golf Courses

Updates for the Bird Box Trail

As of June 21, nesting status is as follows:

  • Quick 2024 Breeding Summary (year to date; includes data from all attempts, even if not yet completed). 

    • Total nest sites (boxes): 52

    • Total attempts: 63

    • Total eggs: 244

    • Total young: 169

    • Total fledglings: 7

  • Course issues:

    • Hot weather risk:  We have some really hot days coming up.  I know the Code of Conduct states that we should avoid nest visits in the early morning, but you may want to get an earlier start (8 or 9 a.m.) to avoid the hottest part of the day.  Not something we want to do routinely, but when it’s particularly hot we need to prioritize safety. 

    • Use of high-visibility safety vests.  Only a couple of mixed feedback responses so far.  Would be nice to get more feedback; please let me know what you think.

  • Monitoring kit update:  Got my new printer up & running, and I updated the list of kit contents in the binders.

  • App techniques and issues: 

    • Continuing to track and try to resolve app issues. 

  • Box status highlights:

    • Attempt completed on box C13WR; box can be cleaned out.

    • Box C03BR1 has been taken down.

  • Reminder:  C10BL2 has a wasp nest; they are NOT FRIENDLY.  Recommend avoid this box until further notice (top of box was removed as a reminder to avoid).

  • General guidance:  Please email or text me whenever you find something unusual or that may affect monitors on subsequent visits (the wasps & snakes are a good example).

Of course as always, please email me with questions, issues, and suggestions!

Thanks for all you do,



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