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Blue Bird Nesting Box Trail
at the Newport News City Golf Courses

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Updates for the Bird Box Trail

As of April 9, nesting status is as follows:

  • 25 active nesting attempts! That’s nearly half the 52 boxes we’re monitoring. Details follow

    • 20 Eastern Bluebird attempts; 12 completed nests, 7 eggs

    • 3 Carolina Chickadee attempts; 3 completed nests, 6 eggs

    • 1 Tree Swallow: completed nest, no eggs

    • 1 Carolina Wren: completed nest, no eggs

    • 2 unknown species attempts;


  • Box issues: I removed box C02WR’s floor since it had cracked. Once repaired I will replace it.

  • New volunteer: Welcome to Olivia Schulz, our newest volunteer!

  • Training: As our trainers return from their travels next week we will accelerate our training program. We currently have 13 fully qualified volunteers, listed below (trainers are indicated by an asterisk):

​               John Adair*

               Bill Boeh*

​               Wendy Maxey*​

               Ellis Maxey*

             Pete Peterman*

​              Cindy Schulz

               Olivia Schulz

               David Singletary

               C. L. Tanner*

               Sue Tominaga

               Barb Waring

               Tina White

               David Youker

Submitted by,

Bill Boeh

April 9

I went with David Singletary, John Weeks (an eagle scout), and his mother to the Deer Run boxes yesterday. John's eagle project was to remove boxes that were beyond repair and to repair boxes needing tops and/or bottoms. He accomplished this goal. There were 6 bird nests in boxes he had repaired. We did not check the other boxes on the course. I signed his paperwork as the club’s representative, accepting his efforts for the club.

Submitted by,

Ellis Maxey


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