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The Hampton Roads Bird Club and the Williamsburg Bird Club have adopted the Western Shore Marshes IBA, one of the Important Bird Areas designated by the National Audubon Society.


On Saturday 19 May, 2012, 22 people participated in the latest event in support of the Western Shore Marshes IBA. This bird survey and clean-up was held at Gosnold's Hope Park and was a joint venture between our two bird clubs and the City of Hampton through their Hampton Clean City Commission. Other participants included master naturalist and 9 members from Scout Troop 18.


The day was divided into two 2-hour segments. We conducted a bird survey during the first segment, and we identified 51 different species. Highlights included a nice view of a male and female Blue Grosbeak and several views of Brown-headed Nuthatches, which is a species of interest for this IBA.


The remaining participants showed for the second segment, and we canvassed the entire park. To be expected, the majority of the litter was found along the shoreline which is subjected to tidal and storm surges. With the litter disposed of and species tallied, the members departed leaving this portion of the IBA in better condition.


Thanks to the following bird club/naturalist members, pictured below, who were able to support this event: Bill Ferris, Cheryl Jacobson, Jan Lockwood, Jane Frigo, Betty Peterson, Sharon Burton, Bryan Barmore, Brent Slaughter, Laura Slaughter, Tom Charlock, and Ken Lipshy.



Get more information about our Western Shore Marshes IBA.


March 11 Survey


Six members of the Hampton Roads and Williamsburg Bird Clubs assembled in Gloucester County on 11 March to conduct a survey of our IBA.  Cheryl Jacobson, Geoff Giles, Jane Frigo, Brent Slaughter, Laura Slaughter and Dave Youker conducted a bird survey at seven locations along the shores of the Guinea Neck and Robbins Neck areas.


The original survey date was 3 March, but the event was postponed due to rain.  The weather was much more cooperative on 11 March with temperatures ranging into the 60s.  While much of the area is private, we were able to get some shore access.  The remainder of the time was spent assessing the adjacent wood and field lots.


Total species count for the day was 48, and several of the WSM IBA nomination species were found.  The highlight had to be the 14 Brown-headed Nuthatches discovered along the Jenkins Rd area.


The next visit to our IBA hasn’t been scheduled yet, but an announcement will be forthcoming.  If you do a bird walk at a location within our IBA, please forward your species count to Dave Youker at

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